Over 100 years of Arnoldi in the world of fine gemstones

„Culture of Cutting“ – made in Germany

Family tradition in the 4th generation

With the founding of the company Carl Friedrich Arnoldi in 1919, René Arnoldi’s grandfather laid the foundation stone for a traditional and respected gemstone cutting company in Idar-Oberstein.

The founder Carl Friedrich Arnoldi was followed in the second generation by his son Erwin Arnoldi, who made the company internationally known.

René Arnoldi, today’s owner of ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL, has been an expert and lover of exclusive gemstones for over 40 years and is the third generation. Renowned jewellery houses worldwide appreciate his competent recommendations and his reliable service.

Today, now in the fourth generation, Alexander Arnoldi, the great-grandson of Carl Friedrich Arnoldi, can look back on a family tradition of more than 100 years as an excellent gemstone cutter. Together with his father, he is leading the company into the future …


At ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL, we pay special attention to the wishes of our customers. That is why we personally accompany all areas with special care: from selective purchasing from long-standing, reputable trading partners or directly from ethically operated mines to precise processing and the sparkling result. With in-house production, we take advantage of the opportunity to flexibly and individually meet our customers’ requirements.



Discover the colour variety of ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL

Whether it is a single stone, a rarity or a series, a cabochon or a faceted gemstone: each stone receives their full attention from our highly qualified and experienced staff. Attractive design with optimal proportions and perfect finish are the standards of our customers, which we can only meet with our in-house manufacture.

Mining expeditions

In order for Mother Nature to create a perfect mineral, it required optimal conditions as well as fortunate circumstances during the creation process. In order to always be able to offer our customers a wide range of exclusive stones, we continuously travel to mines and the hotspots of the rough stone world, because the search for rare minerals is like an adventurous journey through the world of gemstones. With a trained eye and a vague idea for the result, we select the desired qualities in order to then cut them from the rough stone into a jewel. Only in this way can the gemstones meet the exclusive demands of our worldwide customers and be offered with the predicate Made-in-Germany by ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL.


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