Traditions since 1919


When René Arnoldi’s grandfather founded the company of Carl Friedrich Arnoldi in the year 1919, he provided the basis for a traditional and highly reputed gemstone-cutting factory at Idar-Oberstein. The founding father, Carl Friedrich Arnoldi, was succeeded in the second generation by his son, Erwin Arnoldi, who took the company to an international level, where it quickly established an excellent reputation. René Arnoldi, the current owner of ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL, has been developing his expertise and love of exclusive gemstones for more than 40 years now. Distinguished jewelers all over the world have come to appreciate his competent recommendations and to rely on his excellent service. As the third generation, he carries on the family tradition and keeps on expanding markets worldwide. Thus Alexander Arnoldi, great-grandson of Carl Friedrich Arnoldi and skilled gemstone cutter, may now enjoy the almost hundred years of family tradition as the representative of the fourth generation.


At ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL we put special emphasis on attention to our customers’ wishes. Therefore, we are personally dedicated to personally and carefully monitoring all aspects, from selective purchasing and meticulous production to the final sparkling result. By performing the production process at our own premises in-house, we profit from the opportunity to meet our clients’ demands as flexible and individual as possible.



Discover the world of color at ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL

Masterpieces and rarities

The key to any “masterpiece” lies in the careful selection of the finest rough stones. We focus all our dedication and passion on the process to bring out the utmost beauty and to let the rarities shine. Only when all these conditions have been met and the fire of Nature is displayed, we can be content and satisfied with the creation of a new masterpiece.
No matter whether you are looking for a perfect layout-set, for finest Santa Maria Aquamarine, rare Paraiba Tourmaline or a pair of bright red Mahenge Spinels: you may find just what you were looking for.
Discover the world of hidden treasures at ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL.

No matter whether it is a single stone, a rarity or a series of calibrated stones, whether cut as a cabochon or facetted: each and every gemstone receives exclusive attention by our team of highly skilled and experienced gemstone experts. This results in attractive designs with optimally balanced proportions and perfect finish, setting standards for our customers that can only be achieved in our in-house studio.

Expeditions to the Mines

For Mother Nature to create a perfect mineral, optimal conditions and lucky coincidences are needed during the growing process. In order to be able to offer our customers a wide variety of exclusive gemstones, we keep on travelling to the mines and Hotspots in the world of rough stones, because the search for rare minerals resembles a quest through the adventurous world of gemstones. A well-trained eye for quality and a first idea of possible result help us select the fitting qualities, which we may then cut and polish from a rough stone into a sparkling jewel. This is the only way to fulfil the expectations and meet the exclusive demands of our clientele worldwide, so that we may keep the promise implied in “Made in Germany by ARNOLDI INTERNATIONAL”.

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